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Personality Surveys

Highly intuitive and easy-to-use personality surveys, based on the classic Big 5 personality traits. Candidates complete the survey in less than 5 minutes, providing you with clear insight into core areas of personality that are relevant to success in the workplace. Each ConnectCubed personality assessment is tailored for your role. We also offer a Core Self-Evaluation (CSE) survey, a cutting-edge tool which has high predictive power for performance.

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Working Memory Game

Our working memory game tests reaction time, focus, and mental bandwidth. The game is a well established screening tool for jobs requiring consistent performance in fast-paced environments. Candidates race against the clock to recall shapes in sequence and aim to beat their previous top scores.

Rapid-Fire Quiz

Our customizable quiz functionality allows clients to upload quiz questions in order to test domain knowledge of any kind. The quiz functionality supports graphs, images, and text, and can include multiple choice or user-inputted answers. With light gamification, this tool boosts candidate engagement 4x.

Spatial Reasoning

Spatial reasoning is highly correlated with general intelligence, the strongest predictor of job performance. High aptitude in spatial reasoning is particularly essential for roles with significant need for mental visualization of space, such as design, engineering, and other STEM careers.



At ConnectCubed, we believe that recruitment professionals should be able to read candidate reports in seconds. We've developed simple reporting tools to provide easily digestable, actionable data that reduces time and headache for you.

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