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Here's what people are saying about ConnectCubed and our parent company, Trader Analytics.
  1. NY Times

    Your Next Job Application Could Involve a Video Game

    NY Times reporter Catherine Rampell investigates how new ways of matching candidates with jobs they'll love means great opportunities for both business and employees.

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  2. Al-Jazeera

    How companies are using video games to detect qualified candidates

    CEO Michael Tanenbaum shares his thoughts on the power of big data to widen recruitment funnels for companies and help more candidates get noticed.

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  3. Wall Street Journal

    Machines Gauging Your Star Potential Automate HR Hiring

    "Welcome to hiring in the age of big data, an ambition marrying automation with analysis in the race to better allocate talent."

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  4. Wall Street Journal

    Gaming Your Way Into Your Next Job

    One company taps into the world of gaming and rethinks the job recruitment process. ConnectCubed uses assessment games and simulations to match job seekers with employers.

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    ConnectCubed Named a UNESCO Top 10 Global Technology Innovator of 2013

    UNESCO and the NetExplo Forum selected ConnectCubed as one of the top 10 technology innovators worldwide in 2013. See our co-founder Michael Tanenbaum's presentation at UNESCO headquarters during the forum in Paris in February.

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  6. TrendHunter

    ConnectCubed Optimizes Recruitment Criteria in a Fun Gaming Form

    Playing a game to get a job may in fact seem a little strange. Though this game-based platform in fact gathers a lot of useful information that will not only increase the prospective employees' marketability, but also the employers' recruitment options.

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  7. ReBuzz

    ConnectCubed:想找份好工作?先會玩 GAME 再說

    ConnectCubed 為各公司打造客製化的遊戲測驗,可以依照顧客的需求設計出專屬的能力測驗遊戲,藉此測試求職者的能力。

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  8. TechOrange



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  9. OPEN Forum

    How to Hire Rock Star Employees

    Is there a trick to finding stellar employees? These five resources can help you quickly and easily find the best workers for the job.

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  10. Springwise

    Game-based recruitment tests unique skillsets and boosts candidate engagement

    Hiring initiatives in the large part still rely solely on resumés and interviews to assess candidate talent. ConnectCubed is aiming to change that, offering custom platforms that use games to determine skillsets that can’t be gleaned from CVs.

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  11. VentureBeat

    On the ‘startup bus’ to Montreal, early-stage founders network and chase dreams

    VentureBeat covers ConnectCubed as one of the startups selected to represent the New York City area on the DOer bus to the Montreal Int'l Startup Festival.

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  12. le point

    L'homme bionique est (presque) parmi nous

    Trois projets sont en lien direct avec la Chine : ConnectCubed, un jeu qui permet aux recruteurs d'évaluer les candidats ; China Survival Manual, qui dénonce les scandales alimentaires, et Electronic Tattoos.

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  13. le figaro

    Les start-up chinoises passent à l'offensive

    Portées par leur puissant marché intérieur, elles n'hésitent plus à se développer au-delà de leurs frontières, constate le forum NetExplo, qui se tient aujourd'hui et demain à Paris.

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  14. le mond

    Netexplo : 10 inventions pour transformer notre vie quotidienne

    Ce palmarès, qui esquisse le monde numérique de demain, est choisi par un jury multiculturel : une quinzaine d'experts brésilien, indien, américain, chinois, sénégalais, français... sélectionnent chaque année dix projets parmi une centaine de nouveautés débusquées par ...

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  15. Ads Consulting

    Gamification w HR w praktyce

    Jest to platforma internetowa z Hong Kongu, która została stworzona dla osób zainteresowanych i marzących o pracy w świecie finansów.

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  16. StartUp Story

    Jouer pour être recruté

    Voilà une idée business qui séduit beaucoup. Pour aider les recruteurs à mieux évaluer les compétences de leurs candidats, une jeune startup hongkongaise leur propose de les soumettre à des jeux d’évaluation.

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  17. StartUp Dating



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  18. PSFK

    Recruiters Use Games to Rank Young Financial Professionals

    Global thought leadership firm PSFK discusses ConnectCubed's unique and innovative strategy to connect the world's top junior talent with the world's top financial institutions.

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  19. Tech in Asia

    ConnectCubed Makes Hiring for the Financial Sector More Fun

    Willis Wee of Tech in Asia covers ConnectCubed's revolutionary gaming model for the finance industry, and chats with CEO Mike Tanenbaum about upcoming plans.

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  20. Toronto Star

    Hong Kong start-up trains traders with online games

    Canada's largest newspaper, the Toronto Star, talks about the power of ConnectCubed to give enthusiastic students the skills they need to be successful in finance.

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  21. iTV-Asia

    ConnectCubed CEO Mike Tanenbaum on why computer games are better for finding star traders

    CareerEngine CEO Erik Gain interviews ConnectCubed CEO Mike Tanenbaum about ConnectCubed's powerful platform for identifying great talent, and how to get your first job in finance.

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  22. City Weekend

    Game On: Trader Analytics is Creating the Future of Educational Games

    City Weekend reporter Liz Grabenstein chats with us about how we are changing the way people learn, develop finance skills, and get hired through ConnectCubed.

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  23. Enterprise China

    Tricks of the Trade | Mike Tanenbaum on Asia, finance, and employment

    April Fong of Enterprise China sits down with CEO Mike Tanenbaum to chat about ConnectCubed parent company Trader Analytics Corp., and the value we are creating around the world connecting young people with employment opportunities.

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  24. Technode

    7 start-ups presented at Shanghai Demo Day

    Technode, media partner at TechCrunch Disrupt Beijing, covers our win at TechYizu's Demo Day in Shanghai.

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  25. First Prize for Trader Analytics at TechYizu Demo Day

    Presenting to a room of over 400 in Chinese, we were hugely excited to win TechYizu's Demo Day 2011. Click here to learn more about ConnectCubed parent company Trader Analytics Corp.'s big victory.

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  26. CEO Mike Tanenbaum on doing business in Asia

    Having worked in Asia as an investment banker and as CEO of ConnectCubed, CNN anchor Anna Coren chats with Mike Tanenbaum about Trader Analytics Corp. and business opportunities in Asia.

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