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ConnectCubed gaming technology is the next generation of candidate assessment. Read on to learn more about the 100+ years of workforce science research that makes ConnectCubed so powerful.


What Makes Your Candidates Tick

Your personality has a huge influence on who you are personally and professionally. In fact, personality has an essential role in explaining variation in work performance.

Components of Personality

Your personality is made up of several elements, called factors. Some people are shy, some love socializing. Some people are warm and friendly; some are more gruff and demanding. Some people are absent-minded and flaky; others are disciplined, committed, and reliable.

The good news is that there is a place for everyone. The bad news is that personality mismatches in hiring lead to turnover and underperformance.

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Gauge Your Candidates’ Mental Horsepower

We all talk about hiring A-players, but what makes an A-player? Killer attitude is one key ingredient. The second key ingredient is smarts: how quickly the candidate will adapt to new changes, grasp new concepts, and see new opportunities.

Research confirms what you probably already know - the best predictor for job performance is intelligence. No matter what the context, smart people do better.

Relevant Intelligence for the Workplace

You want all of your employees to have the smarts that fit their job. Depending on the role, you’ll want to know if a candidate is an effective communicator, a strong problem solver, a math wizard, or capable of intense focus and concentration. Each of these (and more!) are specific dimensions of general intelligence you need to know to find the perfect candidate.

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Find the Perfect Fit

Combining assessments for personality and smarts, you get the full picture on whether you’re looking at a future top performer or someone who will struggle to achieve objectives. We've developed simple reporting tools to provide easily digestable, actionable data on your candidates that reduces time and headache for you.

When you use ConnectCubed, you tell us the role type and the seniority level, and we will provide a targeted ConnectCubed assessment and report with the data you need to make your selection decision.

The Bottom Line

We all have different aptitudes and personalities. Luckily, the working world needs people of different talents. Accountants need focus and mathematical reasoning. Artists need creativity and visual-spatial reasoning.

Ensuring your candidates have strong intelligence and close personality matches to the daily needs of the role is a critical component of lowering turnover and selecting top performers.

Get A-players. Get ConnectCubed.

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