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Business Solutions for People Problems

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Analysis-based problem solving

ConnectCubed is a method for solving business problems relating to people, coupled with software to implement that method. Our method focuses on four steps, which extend the intuitive process we all follow when tackling an issue. Our software supports leaders throughout each step to arrive at optimized, analysis-based decisions.

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As a fast-growing company, we need everyone to be a top-performing contributor.

ConnectCubed gives us the insights we need to confirm or disprove our assumptions, establish team buy-in on proposed changes, and select the path that meets our needs and the realities of our constraints.

--Michael M., CEO, Spinnakr

A Source for Answers

ConnectCubed gives you the power to examine a problem and answer the question: "Why is this happening?" Our software is designed to help you solve problems methodically, first by gathering the information you need to understand the problem, then by determining the causes of the problem, and lastly by implementing change and measuring the effects of that change.

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Before ConnectCubed, we were restricted to blind guesses as to why certain employees struggled. We wanted answers and a way to improve the quality of our new hires - a key recruitment goal for us.

Now, when we consider any issue relating to people, our immediate reaction is to turn to ConnectCubed.

-- Tony C., COO, Contactually

Helping hands just a call away

We recognize that ConnectCubed may represent a major shift in how some organizations think about problem solving. That's why we've developed a world-class onboarding process that teaches you how to address your people problems head-on. If you need additional support, we offer a suite of professional services to guide you into the world of analysis-based problem solving.

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A great ideas that gets implemented by professionals is always a short cut to the success. Without ConnectCubed, we would never be able to achieve the great person/project fit our customers have come to expect. ConnectCubed is truly our secret weapon.

-- Tyler O., CTO, Intellectsoft (USA)

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