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Know what predicts performance

ConnectCubed shows you exactly what elements of work history, personality, aptitude, and interview results predict performance at your organization. We deliver your results in a sleek report and explain our findings 1-on-1, step by step.

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As a small, fast-growing company, we need every new hire to be a top performing contributor with the potential to spearhead new initiatives and grow in their role as we grow as a company.

ConnectCubed gives us the data we need to hire with confidence - every time.

--Michael M., CEO, Spinnakr

Predict Candidate Performance

ConnectCubed gives you candidate performance predictions on each area of performance you track. Candidate scores are contextualized to your organization, so you'll know how each candidate would perform compared to your current employees.

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Our candidates really appreciate the emphasis we place on their experience - a key recruitment goal for us. When we interview folks after using ConnectCubed, nearly all people comment that this was the easiest job application process they’ve been through. We’ve also seen candidates share our open jobs on social media since using ConnectCubed!

-- Tony C., COO, Contactually

Get honest statistics

We show you the exact accuracy for each of our predictive models. We promise full transparency about our methods and our results. You'll see the value of data-driven decision-making before you ever pay a dime.

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Matching great talent to great projects is the core of our businesses. Without ConnectCubed, we’d never be able to achieve the great person/project fit our customers have come to expect. ConnectCubed is truly our secret weapon.

-- Justin J., CEO, LateLabs

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